1. Have a clean face with absolutely no makeup, we need to see your skin quality and bone structure.

    2. Clean natural nails.

    3. Hair tied back in headshot.

    4. Wear a form fitting outfit so we can see the shape of your body. Skinny jeans and singlet in plain colours are best. Wear heels if you like.

    5. Take all images in natural daylight, against a plain background, but not in direct sunlight.

    6. All images must be no older than seven (7) days.

    7. All images must less than 2MB each or your submission will fail.

    close up

    full length

    Please note:
    due to the high volume of model submissions we receive, we can only respond to those who we feel are right for us in the current market. If you are successful and we would like to speak with you further, you will hear back from us within seven (7) days. It isn't necessary to follow up with us.